About us

Pure craftsmanship

Born from a fusion of intense heat and pressure, hand carved by talented, passionate artisans adhering to ancient disciplines and paired with the most durable modern metal using cutting edge techniques and technology.

Mokume Australia’s highest quality handmade titanium and mokume-gane rings let you make a major statement with your presence alone.

To know, one must rewind to late 1600s Japan. When the samurai sword fell out of use as a weapon and gained meaning as a status symbol, demand rose for elaborately decorated handles and sheaths. Enter mokume-gane — meaning ‘wood grain metal’ in Japanese — an intensive metalworking technique that we have mastered here in our Hobart studio. Today, we apply time honoured methods blended with modern refinements. The result? A merging of metals as rare and distinctive as the people we custom design them for. No two are ever the same.