Qualified craftspeople

At Mokume Australia, we’ve worked under the same time honoured apprentice–master system that the inventor of the mokume-gane process, Denbei Shoami, created. We’ve put in the hard yards by refining our skills and expanding our knowledge so that you get not only the finest mokume-gane available, but high end quality pieces that have been made by hand with love and care.

A dedicated team

Making our passion for mokume-gane the focus of our business, we are able to spend our time designing and crafting masterpieces that we can be proud of. Recently praised for our unique designs and can-do attitude, we have a team of qualified craftspeople who will guide you through every step of the process, making your experience searching for exceptional mokume-gane second to none.

Customer service focus

In our hyper connected modern world, it can be hard getting someone on the other end of the phone line or email who cares, but at Mokume Australia we aim to have the quality of our customer service as rare and precious as our beautiful handcrafted mokume wares. If you need a jeweller or a supplier to solve your problem, at Mokume Australia you’ll find someone who wants to help. So if you’re asking, we’ll answer. If you’re confused, we’ll clarify. If you want it, we’ll invent it. If it’s broken, we’ll fix it, making us your go-to company for all things mokume-gane.

Meet the team

Chris Hood

Chris Hood (FGAA)

Chris is the co-founder of Mokume Australia. He has 20 years of jewellery and diamond experience under his belt and is a fully qualified jeweller, gemmologist, diamond setter, diamond grader and jewellery valuer. Chris has an evangelical passion to revive this centuries old artisanal craft and bring mokume-gane it to the discerning customer that appreciates the extraordinary individuality of mokume-gane.

David Brookfield

David Brookfield

David is a jewellery manufacturer, stone setter and a pillar of the Mokume Australia workshop. With a Certificate 3 in Micro Engineering and a Diploma in Jewellery Making, David’s interest in mokume-gane, which was sparked over 15 years ago, complements our capabilities with stone setting and advanced jewellery manufacturing. David’s enthusiasm contributes to the workshop’s ethos of attention to detail and quality pieces over quantity produced.